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1. How do I sell on

You will need to register if have not already done so. Then click on Sell.
Start listing your items for sale.

2. I did not recieve my email confirmation email. What now?

First look in your spam folders or bulk email folders. If you still do not find it
Email us by clicking Here.

3. Is Free?

For Sellers.
Yes is free up to the first 20 Listings. We do have a monthly membership fee if you wish to list over 20 items per month. For membership fees please go Here.

For Buyers. is 100% free for buyers. We do not have any buyer fees.

4. I won a item. Now what?

The seller should contact you or you can contact the seller to make payment and shipping arrangements. You will find all the sellers contact info under the lot that you won.

5. I sold a item. Now what?

You should contact the buyer and make payment and shipping arrangements. You will find all the buyers contact info under the lot that you sold.

5. I lost my password and can not login. Now what?

If you need your login info resent to you go Here. Enter your email address in and we will send you your login info to your email address.

6. How are Banners Billed?

Banner Ads are billed by CPM. CPM is cost per thousand banner impressions. CP stands
for Cost Per and the M is roman numeral for thousand. If the cost is $8.00 CPM then
for every time the banner is shown 1000 times the cost would be $8.00.

6. What is CPC?

CPC is the Cost Per Click. The CPC is calculated from the Banner CPM divided by the banner clicks.

6. What does Membership Auto Renew Disabled Mean?

When the Membership Auto Renew is diabled we will not renew it when your membership expires.
Your membership will expire on the expiration date.

6. What does Membership Auto Renew Enabled Mean?

When the Membership Auto Renew is Enabled we will Auto Renew it when it expires.
At the end of your 30 Day membership we will Auto Renew your membership for another 30 Days.

6. When I upgrade my membership do I get a upgrade in Banner Credits and Upgrade Credits?

When you upgrade you will not receive any Banner Credits or Upgrade Credits until your membership
renews at the end of your 30 day membership cycle.

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